Cultivate Cross-cultural Comms Talents -- Lecture at Xiamen University

On December 13, 2019, at the invitation of the Foreign Languages and Cultures College of Xiamen University, Jane Zhang of DaoHe delivered a lecture on "Government Affairs of Multinational Companies in China". This is DaoHe’s another talent training activity following the “DaoHe on Campus” lectures at leading universities including Beijing Foreign Studies University and Remin University.

Multinational company is a major career choice for foreign language graduates. "Foreign language students have advantage in communicating between different languages. Based on this, building skills in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary communications and expanding global perspectives will greatly enhance their career competence." Starting with questions related to future career development that students cared about the most, Jane first helped students understand how multinationals operate in China and the critical role of government affairs in the success of that. Then with easy-to-follow examples, Jane shared DaoHe’s practices and classic case studies to illustrate the importance of obtaining comprehensive knowledge of political, economic and international affairs in doing government affairs work at multinational companies. Jane also shared her advices on career development based on DaoHe’s experience in talent recruitment and development.

Jane was also invited to speak at the National Advanced Training Class for College Teachers in Foreign Languages held at Xiamen University. In addressing the concerns that foreign language students are facing increasing challenges in the employment market, Jane suggested positing foreign language training as cross-cultural communication skill development. “Good interpreters are not just foreign language specialists; more importantly, they are communication experts." Jane shared insights on the importance of cross-cultural communication skills in doing government affairs, and provided suggestions on how to develop such skills in college education.