DaoHe on Campus -- Lecture for IMM Global EMBA of Purdue

On October 27, 2016, DaoHe Consulting President Jane Zhang delivered a lecture to global executives in 2014 IMM Global EMBA program at the joint invitation of Purdue University and Tianjin University, shared her perspectives on China policy context and its impacts on multinational corporations. 


Zhang started off with an in-depth interpretation of Chinese political system and government structure to illustrate China macro-economy and policy development history with profundity and an easy-to-understand approach, and analyzed the characteristics of Chinese government and policy context and major reasons behind that. By demonstrating vivid and specific instances to compare the similarities and differences in terms of political system and policy making process between Chinese and foreign government, Zhang helped global executives to understand the background and reasons of various challenges MNCs were facing in China’s different development phases. Zhang also resolved questions concerning the direction and priority of MNCs development in China from global executives.

Zhang’s lecture received enthusiastic response and high praise from staff of Purdue University and Tianjin University and global executives in IMM EMBA program. 

Notes: International Master's in Management (IMM) Global Executive MBA program is an advanced executive program designed for experienced professionals collaboratively hosted by 7 top leading international business schools around the world. The program obtained AACSB certificate and was ranked among world’s best international executive MBA by Financial Times.