DaoHe on Campus -- Lecture at Renmin University on GA of MNCs in China

While advising multinational companies on China's policy and government affairs, DaoHe team is collaborating with universities and academic institutions on the research and education on public affairs.

On December 28, 2017, with strong support from Renmin University, "DaoHe on Campus" was successfully held at the School of International Studies (SIS). Cai Liqing, Deputy Secretary of the Party at SIS and Liu Yuxi, principal of Students' Affairs Office, opened the lecture. DaoHe Consulting President Jane Zhang delivered a lecture on “How Multinational Companies Conduct Government Affairs in China”. Undergraduate and Ph.D candidate students majoring in Politics, Plutonomy, Diplomacy and International Relations attended the lecture. 


Government is the policy maker while companies are on the receiving side. Government affairs is to understand policies from companies’ perspectives and advise business leaders on adjusting strategies according to the policy trends.” Through sharing classic case studies of multinational companies’ government affairs work, Jane mapped out the unique political system of China and the evolving policy landscape as well as their impact on multinational companies’ operations in China. In an easy-to-understand approach, Jane provided insight on the role of government affairs in multinationals’ business strategy development.

Students participated in the interactive discussions with strong interest. Their questions include how government affairs can help companies resolve operational challenges, the prospect of policy consulting as a professional career, how to gain clients’ confidence, etc. Leveraging DaoHe’s solid experience, Jane provided illustrative answers which greatly helped students deepen their understanding of and interests in public policy and government affairs.

On the behalf of SIS, Mr. Cai expressed his deep appreciation for DaoHe’s lecture and his hope to build stronger ties with the firm and explore cooperative opportunities. DaoHe team expressed their gratitude for the opportunity and the willingness to continue the cooperation.