Grasp China’s Policy Trends in 2016 -- Speech at the Economist Corporate Network

On January 19, 2016, Ms. Jane Zhang participated in a panel discussion “Responding to Asia’s New Normal”, featuring the 2016 Asia Business Outlook Survey published by the Economist.

In her remarks, Ms. Zhang highlighted “No Change in the Pace and Scope of Change” in summarizing China’s policy trends in 2016 and beyond – China’ political agenda will continue to focus on intensive new policy developments while at the same time ensuring stability.


Ms. Zhang noted that in the past three years since President Xi Jinping took office in 2012, the new leadership has outlined its strategic blueprint for achieving the “Chinese Dream”. Deepening reform, further opening-up, promoting the rule of law, and combatting corruption were identified as top agenda goals, and this overall direction will not change in 2016. New laws, regulations, policies and plans will continue to be issued on an intensive basis and implemented accordingly at industry and sector specific levels.

For multinational companies operating in China, Ms. Zhang stressed that it is critical for them to understand this dynamic environment and to fully comprehend the government’s thinking. They must take proactive actions to keep pace with “No Change in the Pace and Scope of Change”.