Policies and Politics of Government Affairs in China Today -- PAA 2016 GA Forum

On June 16, DaoHe President Jane Zhang made closing remarks at the 2016 China Government Affairs Forum organized by PublicAffairsAsia in Beijing.

In a speech on “Policies and Politics of Government Relations in China Today”, Zhang highlighted that it is imperative that government relations (GR) professionals clearly identify and grasp what is “changing” and what remains “unchanged” in an country characterized by complex and sometimes divergent changes in governmental policy and political context.


“Complex changes are reflected by frequent policy updates, intensified policy enforcement, and disciplined behavior of government officials,” Zhang explained. “GR professionals need to identify these changes, as well as be able to foresee upcoming changes. More importantly, they need to keep companies' China and global leaders informed of both the what and the why of the changes, and advise them on how to adjust their companies’ business strategies according to the new thinking and priorities of the Chinese government.”

As for the “unchanged”, Zhang emphasized that “China’s overall goal of ‘development’ will remain unchanged, since this is intrinsic to China’s own needs. In order to achieve its development goals, China’s well-established direction of ‘reform’ and ‘opening-up’ will not fundamentally change.” Zhang further stressed that “By understanding which fundamental aspects remain ‘unchanged’, GR professionals can continue to play their critical role of helping business executives better understand the Chinese market and how to position themselves within it, bridge their business strategies with China’s ‘new normal’, and successfully navigate the policy and political landscape in China even in unexpectedly difficult times.”