Grasp Certainty amid Uncertainties -- Public Affairs Asia Forum

On May 18, 2017, Jane Zhang gave a speech at the 2017 Government Affairs Forum held by PublicAffairsAsia (PAA) on the topic of "Certainty in Uncertainties".

While “uncertainty” has become a trendy word in discussing international affairs and China’s political and economic environment, Jane chose to examine how China has become a stabilizing factor and a major certainty in a world of uncertainties, and how multinational companies can identify and leverage future opportunities.


Jane analyzed several milestone political events that took place in China in the past twelve months to illustrate how speculations and concerns have been gradually removed in China’s domestic and international environment.

Jane’s unique perspective and methodology were well received and highly appreciated by the audience. “For MNCs, the key is to grasp China’s overall policy direction and industry development priorities, understand key stakeholders’ concerns and needs, identify and evaluate risks and opportunities, and align their strategy and programs accordingly”, Jane concluded.