Issue Management and Crisis Preparedness in Uncertain Time

On July 17, 2018, Jane Zhang was invited to address the AmCham community on the topic of “Issue Management and Crisis Preparedness in Uncertain Time”, sharing her perspectives and insights on how multinational companies should manage issues and get prepared for potential risks and crisis amidst of the current trade frictions between China and the US.

Jane suggested companies conduct systematic risk and crisis audit and reassess the potential significance of the issues. “If something is not compliant, it doesn’t matter whether all other companies are doing it or your company has been doing it for the past 10 years. Your company is suggested not doing it anymore.”


If there are issues going on already, Jane suggested the local team establish Crisis Management Team with relevant global and local functions and tackle it from more holistic perspective. She provided examples from DaoHe’s experience in providing professional crisis management support to multinational companies.

“Uncertainty leads to changes, and changes may bring opportunities.” Jane encouraged companies to study the new open up policies recently published by the Chinese government including the two negative lists. “I think the significance of the policies and changes are being overshadowed by the trade frictions. There are important changes and opportunities and fast-movers can grab.”