Trade, Volatility & the Resurgence of Risk -- Speech at the Economist Corporate Network

On September 12, 2018, Jane Zhang gave a speech at the Economist Corporate Network’s event themed “Trade, Volatility and the Resurgence of Risk”.


The event focused on how global growth has been in a synchronized upswing but the economic cycle is starting to turn just as geopolitical tensions ratchet up risk and volatility for business. Together with experts from the Economist, China Eximbank and Microsoft, Jane shared her insights on how the internal and external situations are evolving for multinational companies, including the intensifying US-China trade dispute, the complex geopolitical order, changes in China’s economic drivers, etc.

In advising what multinational companies need to do to deal with the “new context”, Jane shared her perspectives on how companies could avoid underestimating risks at various levels and how to identify opportunities in the current context.