Bridging the Gap: the Evolving Role of GA -- Speech at AmCham 2019 GA Conference

On April 18, 2019, Jane Zhang was invited to speak at AmCham China’s 2019 Government Affairs Annual Conference on “Bridging the Gap: The Evolving Role of Government Affairs”.


This is the 8th year for Jane to speak at AmCham China on topics relating to policy and government engagement. Over the past few years, Jane and DaoHe team shared insights with government affairs (“GA”) professionals on various aspects of GA work, including GA’s role in crisis management and preparedness, how to have GA play a more critical role in developing company’s strategies, how to interpret China’s policy development trends, how to cope with the uncertainties amidst US-China trade frictions, etc.

At the 2019 AmCham GA Annual Conference, Jane provided her perspectives on the evolving role of GA in the current US-China trade situation and shared best practices and successful case studies on the “how-to” side of GA work. Taking a meeting with a central government director as an example, Jane walked the audience through how to get to know the priorities and concerns of the regulators, and, based on that, how to develop key talking points and communicate effectively with the officials to resolve companies’ issues and challenges.