DaoHe is a leading public affairs consulting firm specializing in public policy, government affairs, issue and crisis management, and corporate communications. We provide strategic insight and counsel to world-leading multinational corporations on understanding and navigating China's political and media environment, engaging stakeholders and enhancing and protecting companies' reputation. Our areas of focus cover ICT, agricultural technology, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, food, retail, etc.

DaoHe team is comprised of senior public affairs professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the Chinese government and media, as well as profound insight into the diverse challenges and needs of multinationals in China. We have a deep cross-cultural perspective and are passionate about leveraging our expertise to provide our clients with pinpoint strategic positioning and concrete effective solutions.

We believe that sustainable success can only be achieved when a company aligns its course with the state of affairs of its evolving environment. At DaoHe, we are deeply committed to becoming a trusted partner to our clients, helping them correctly identify and assess China's state of affairs and thus accurately align their strategies with China's course forward.


Jane Zhang is the founder and president of DaoHe Consulting, a leading public affairs and stakeholder engagement advisory firm based in Beijing. Drawing on her extensive experience in international affairs and business strategy, Jane provides strategic insight and counsel to world-leading multinational corporations across a broad range of industries including IT, agriculture and food, healthcare and advanced manufacturing on navigating China's political environment, engaging government stakeholders, protecting companies' reputation and resolving business-critical issues.

Prior to founding DaoHe, Jane served as Managing Director at APCO Worldwide, heading up the firm’s Beijing operation, and as the leader of Government Affairs and Communications practice at Burson-Marsteller China. Previously, Jane held positions at Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson in the U.S. and China in the areas of government affairs and business strategy and development.

Before joining the private sector, Jane served as a diplomat in China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, providing international affairs expertise to top Chinese leaders and central government agencies, as well as working with senior U.S. and European government officials on major international issues. She played an important role in Hong Kong’s return to China in 1997, and in the three years that followed served as press official in the Foreign Ministry Commissioner’s Office in Hong Kong.

Jane holds a Master of Public Administration from Princeton University and degrees from Peking University and Xiamen University.

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